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FLEXO STAMP for packaging
Fast, high-quality printing of impressive packaging. Our print features brilliant, precise colors. Thanks to our experience, we maintain consistently high quality in every batch of your packaging. We will be happy to advise you on the preservation of your product. According to the type of product we will choose the appropriate materials according to its use. According to your taste we can design your packaging in a way that will impress.

Our company produces high quality multilayer films that will easily protect your product from various circumstances. According to the goal you want to achieve, we will choose the right layer of foils, with which we will realize your packaging! The multilayer packages are prepared in accordance with international standards and requirements for storage and contact with the respective product. The choice of the most suitable multilayer laminated packaging is dictated by the final application of the product. The lamination process means that 2 or 3 types of material are glued together. Depending on the application of the packaging, lamination can increase the integrity and preserve the integrity of the product.
Our specialists will always be able to advise you on choosing the right laminated packaging.

We deliver the finished material in the form of a roll in sizes (width and size of the roll) desired by the customer. The rollers are ready for use on a packing machine.


Thermal Transfer Printer for printing on all types of foil
Savema 107 * 75i - importer YANEV PRINT EOOD
* Robust mechanical design requires no maintenance.
* 107 mm x 75 mm, print area.
* Capacity of the tape with a capacity of 1000 meters.
* Resolution 300 dpi (12 dots / mm)
* Print speed up to 400 mm
* 7.0 "touch panel color control screen.
* 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° rotating characteristics of the templates.
* Memory: 5000 Templates can be stored in the memory on the control screen.
* Power supply: 100 / 240V 50/60 Hz.
High performance, cost-effective SAVEMA thermal transfer printers (TTOs) are flexible enough to print fixed and variable text, data and graphics.
This printer is ideal for printing barcodes, real-time sales dates - LOT number, production date, expiration date, batch numbers, prices, source codes and much more.
Two-component bracket models (intermittent and continuous models) can be easily integrated into machines such as vertical and horizontal filling and packaging systems, primary labeling devices, thermoformers and packaging equipment.
Savema printers are suitable for all types of printing machines and applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and automotive spare parts industries and have the ability to encode all types of 1D / 2D and Datamatrix barcodes.
Pc template design program "Sayasis S20" all features are free.
Large memory for all label formats to be stored locally.
USB can be used to transfer messages between printers and a computer.
* Programming: real date / time, text, 1D / 2D barcodes, GS-1 barcodes, logo, counter (serial number), Shift Code, Form, Currency, Support database, Create table support.
* Barcode types: 1D barcodes (EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE 128, CODE 39, CODABAR, ITF 2of5, ITF 14, UPCA, UPC-E ...), 2D barcodes (Datamatrix, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec code ...), GS-1 Barcodes (GS1-128, GS1-Datamatrix, GS1-Databar)
* Communication: RS-232, Ethernet, USB
* PC program: Sayasis S20 (All features free)
NEW MODEL - 32 * 70i TTP - printing field 32mm - printing field 32mm / 600 meters
“SAVEMA 53mm - 50mm INTERMITTEN” PRINTER - 53 / 50mm printing field
NEW MODEL - 53 * 125i TTP PRINTER - printing field 53 / 125mm
NEW MODEL - 107C LH TTP PRINTER - printing field 107mm / 1000 meters
NEW MODEL - 32 * 600 traverse printer - TRAVERSEN PRINTER -
32mm - 600mm
1000 m. Tape capacity.
600 dpi (12 dots / mm) Print quality.
Print speed up to 500 mm / second.
Software: SAYASIS template design (date and time, custom date and time, text, text messages and logos) Blocking, field merging, database support, counter, logo, 1D / 2D barcodes, GS-1 barcodes, support for creation of tables and easy-to-use interface) Support for Windows drivers, Teklynx software (support for Codesoft, Labelview and Label Matrix), emulator. Support, printer management with SPPL (Savema Protocol) Commands, Printer control with remote control) Barcodes: 1D barcodes (EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE 128, CODE 39, CODABAR, ITF 2of5, ITF 14, UPCA, UPC -E…), 2D barcodes (Datamatrix, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec code ...), barcodes GS-1 (GS1-128, GS1-Datamatrix, GS1-Barbar barcodes)
Resolution: 300 dpi / 600 dpi horizontally and vertically
Operating Temperature: 1 ° C - 55 ° C (34 ° F-131 ° F)
Memory: 5000 Template storage capacity, 1 GB - 4 GB
Internal memory, SD memory card support up to 16 GB, USB memory support up to 32 GB
Official importer for the Republic of Bulgaria - YANEV PRINT EOOD