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Yanev Print EOOD produces beer labels with different details, elements and complexity of implementation.
We can offer the full range of labels for labeling beers and other types of bottles that require a label.

Our customers are both large breweries and small craft breweries.
We are especially proud of the labels we produce for Glarus beers.

Glarus Craft Brewing's beers are influenced by the most successful beer styles to be found around the world, especially those from Great Britain, Belgium and America. At the same time, each of our beers is based on unique recipes and combinations of malt, hops and yeast!

We can add that added value you want for the quality presentation of your production.

Our advantages:
1. All label printing technologies under one roof.
2. We work with the best manufacturers of self-adhesive materials in Europe.
3. We work with new machines of the latest generation with UV curing inks.
4. Short execution time - 5-7 working days.
5. Qualified and cohesive team of professionals.
6. Personal treatment to each customer and to each order.
7. Professional design by designer artist

We specialize in printing labels on a roll.
We have 5 new roll label machines - 2 pcs. offset, 2 pcs. flexo print and 1 digital print.
With these machines, we cover the entire range of labels – cosmetic, wine, food industry, household chemicals, pharmacy, etc.
We are also ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

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Beer Labels / Production of labels for BEER

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