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White labels are Thermo direct labels and Thermo transfer labels.

White labels are mainly for import or export of goods - information labels. White labels are intended to inform the customer about the composition, suitability and other information about the product. The labels we offer start from labels Ф10 mm to labels with sizes 100/150. White labels or punched labels can be in any size. We have over 2000 label punches. If we do not have the specific size, a special punch is used for the labels you want. White labels are printed on 2 types of label printers - Thermodirect printers for label printing and Thermal transfer printers for label printing. The prices we offer for labels are one of the lowest on the market. We can answer all your wishes related to label printing. As standard, the order of the labels is made in 2 working days. The labels we offer are printed only on label materials from Europe. Label paper is a high quality and time-tested label printing material.