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Color labels are any label for advertising purposes / the label that represents the product - commercial label / - presentation of the product through the label.

The label is a graphic / text mark, applied in the form of a sticker, cut or coupon of a product, exhibit or any other production product, indicating the brand, manufacturer, name, date of manufacture, composition, quality, standard, expiration date, manner of storage and use, etc.

YANEV PRINT Ltd. offers color labels of different sizes and complexity. We can add absolutely all additives to the label known to the printing industry, such as printing on the adhesive layer of labels, cold printing of labels, hot printing of labels, embossing and micro embossing of labels, all types of lacquer coatings and others. We print without clichés, which makes the pre-print on the label with zero value. We have over 900 standard label punches and we offer individual punches for every possible label size. The quality of the labels is not only from the printing layer, but also from the materials used for the production of the label. All label materials - paper and colorants are made in Europe and are of the highest quality. We offer printing of all types and complexity labels.

History of labels
Predecessors of modern labels are the marks that beverage producers (mainly wines) put on amphorae, bottles and more. clay dishes. Until the beginning of our era, mankind did not know paper and pieces of leather or parchment were used to label / label the product.
The advent of paper in Europe has had a major impact on the appearance of labels. Paper is much more suitable than stigma, parchment and leather for label production. In addition to information on the name of the product, the manufacturer and the place of origin, advertising messages and information on the use and utilization of the product begin to appear on paper labels.
The main credit for the development of the label goes to wine production. By 1830, wine labels began to resemble those labels that exist to this day, but are characterized by a strict and concise style. Initially, the labels have a simple rectangular or oval shape. Over time, all kinds of label ornaments, vignettes and coats of arms, angels, saints, monks, folk scenes and picturesque landscapes, etc. enter the production of labels. The same wines are sold with a different label, depending on the country to which they are exported. Of course, in those days there were no official rules for the content of labels: usually labels contained only information about the geographical origin, the manufacturer and the place of production. In 1834, winemakers began to put on labels and information about the year of harvest. For the period from 1820 to 1920, the production of champagne increased from 2 to 20 million bottles per year, and last but not least, the label played a big role in the 10-fold increase. the little piece of paper becomes a powerful engine of trade and a means of informing customers.

The first official rules for wine labeling (printing of wine labels) appeared in the early 20th century. Since then, more and more attention has been paid to labels: famous artists such as Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol are working on their design.

Characters written on product labels
At the decision of the manufacturers or by prescription / obligation of law, labels appear on the labels to inform the consumer about various aspects of the use of a product: the conditions for washing clothes, ways of disposing of waste and recycling, food content, chemical composition of detergents, quantity, weight, contact numbers of the manufacturer or distributor of the goods, etc.

There are many varieties of color labels, from simple labels to value-added labels - Embossing / Varnishing / Warm printing. The purpose of each label is to contribute to the sale of the product they present. Color labels can be of different materials. Materials for color labels are Paper / Wine Paper / Poly Propylene and others. We can offer you the design of your new labels. We can print labels for group runs, labels without clichés in order to minimize your costs for labels as part of the finished product.

Types of services
• Offset label printing
• Flexo label printing
• Screen printing on labels
• Printing materials 12µm-500µm for labels
• Printing an adhesive layer on labels
• Cold printing of labels
• Warm label printing
• Relief and micro relief of labels
• IML - In Mold labels
• All types of varnish coatings

Self-adhesive labels
Labels are intended to be applied to packaging, to give information, produced with printing machines or with label printers. Self-adhesive labels are made of surface coating, paper or synthetic material, adhesive layer and base. The materials used for self-adhesive labels are different. Materials from which a self-adhesive label can be made are a variety of paper (different types and densities), films and plastics. Paper is the most common type of material used in the production of self-adhesive labels. Several types of paper are most often used for self-adhesive labels: matte, semi-glossy, glossy, the fine details of the label are most visible on the glossy paper label.
The main purpose of self-adhesive labels - to attract the attention of consumers to sell products. Self-adhesive labels are an integral part of any company's advertising products. Designers know that the development of etiquette must consider psychology and physiology, especially the physiology of vision. Self-adhesive labels must be a hook for the user's attention and in order to do so, they must be visible in the first place. Visibility is a certain shape of the labels, depending on their size and level of brightness, the contrast between the label and the background, as well as the angular dimensions of the label. Therefore, the content of the label should be a combination of a high aesthetic level and easy handling of the label.
We have a wide range of punch shapes for label irregular shapes, oval regular shapes, elliptical and non-standard. For more information on prices and availability for deliveries, please contact us.

We have a wide range of punch forms for labels / irregular shapes /, oval regular shapes, elliptical and non-standard

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