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YANEV PRINT Ltd. offers Polypropylene labels, printed labels and reprint labels

Polypropylene labels (PP labels) offer excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals, whether the labels are placed on household goods, toiletries, toys or general purpose goods.

Polypropylene self-adhesive labels are made of white or transparent material by flexographic printing, allowing the label to be reprinted using a thermal transfer label printer. Polypropylene labels are resistant to external weathering, UV rays and chemical solvents and fats. They are used as barcode labels, labels containing instructions, warning and warranty labels and many other labels.

Labels without clichés. We offer a service aimed at labeling goods. Label clichés are the most expensive preparation. We offer to print your labels without clichés. With each change of information on the label, you save from prepress on the label between 150 and 250 BGN. The punches we have for labels are over 900 types.

We offer a wide range of labels suitable for all surfaces and temperature amplitudes.

Color labels are mainly divided into 2 types, paper labels and PP labels.

Color labels can have additional elements and complexity.

Types of services:

  • Offset printing of labels
  • Flexo label printing
  • Screen printing on labels
  • Printing materials 12µm-500µm for labels
  • Printing an adhesive layer on labels
  • Cold printing of labels
  • Warm label printing
  • Relief and micro relief of labels
  • IML - In Mold labels
  • All types of lacquer coatings for labels

We specialize in printing labels, both on a roll and on sheets. We have new machines for roll labels - offset and flexo label printing. They cover the entire range of labels - labels for cosmetics, labels for alcoholic and wine drinks, labels for the food industry, labels for household chemicals, labels for pharmacy and more. We are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

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