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Wine labels are diverse, there are different types of paper for wine labels.

Wine labels require additional label processing, label relief, micro label relief, hot label printing and more. Wine label paper is specific, structurally different from other labels. Wine labels are made from over 50 types of material, while a regular color label uses 3-4 types of label paper.

Interesting and unique wine labels
Every wine connoisseur knows that the selection process is greatly influenced by the packaging of the wine. The first thing one sees is the label on the bottle, it grabs our attention and, if properly selected, a label for the target audience, would distinguish the wine among the dozens of other bottles on the shelf.

The creativity of designers often surprises us - in their quest to create original and unique labels, both beautiful works of art and humorous ones can be seen.

Traditional and vintage labels
Traditional wine labels are elegant, often family coats of arms can be seen on the wine label, giving them an aristocratic look. Wine labels are attractive and attractive in themselves, affirming the reputation of the winery producer.

Thanks to digital printing technology, you can count on wine labels of the highest class. High print resolution (1200 dpi) allows for better readability of the label, even on labels printed with the smallest font texts. We have moisture-resistant paper for wine labels. The finished label is on a roll, convenient for automatic or manual gluing. Each bottle of your limited edition wine can look perfect with a value-added label such as a warm stamp or relief on the label.

Additional extras on wine labels:

-Each wine label can be laminated, varnished with UV varnish (matt or glossy). These procedures additionally protect the label from moisture and external influences.

-Printing labels on different types of structural and metallized papers, transparent and white polypropylene.

-Various variety of punches for labels. The labels can be in shape and size according to the specific needs of the project. Labels can be of any shape and complexity.

-The photorealistic digital way of printing labels provides vivid colors, contrasting images and visibility of even the finest detail in the label, in addition, the design of labels can include hot and cold printing, embossing, screen or selective varnish.

Depending on your needs, we can produce self-adhesive labels with barcodes, labels with numbering and two-dimensional QR codes, labels with variable information or sequentially numbered labels.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer. We print sequentially numbered labels, including labels with information from a database. We work hard to ensure that the consistency of the variable data you send us is accurately reflected in the labels. Your database may contain passwords, software authentication codes or unique names. We take the file you provided us and enter it into our software, then proceed directly to printing. Properly entered data is very important for the ultimate success, so you can call us in advance to clarify these things before you start working on the file.