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ETIKET.BG is a trademark of YANEV PRINT EOOD.

YANEV PRINT is a company specialized in the field of label printing, graphic design and print advertising.
We can create your label, your logo or product range.
In recent years, the company has specialized in the design and printing of various types of paper and cardboard labels, self-adhesive stickers, cardboard packaging, various promotional products and catalogs.

- Paper label design
- Polypropylene label design
- Wine label design
- Design of labels for Import / Export
- Design of textile labels / Textile labels
- Design of non-standard labels
- Design of foil labels
- Design of labels printed by Over printers
- Design and printing of cardboard packaging

Graphic design
Graphic design or label design is the art of printing.
With it, the entire printing process begins: photography, selection of photographic material for the label, shaping of frames and pages for the label, selection of font and color suitable for the label, creative solutions and individual approach to the label.
The graphically designed product / label / made by a good professional inspires ideas, the label has a visual and emotional impact on the customer and his choice, a good label works for the image and positioning of a given brand in the market.

Our designers get into the essence of your company and find the right graphic expression for your messages to the customer from the label.
They know the graphic design tools very well, skillfully choose the right label font, label layout, label looks, label papers, label colors...

They work perfectly with the corporate requirements of Western companies and they themselves create new brands, corporate identity and impressive advertising materials.
YANEV PRINT has many years of experience in label graphic design and well-trained designers.

Contact us and we will offer you graphic concepts for your labels that your customers will not be able to say "no" to when choosing your product.

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