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The packaging sells the product. It preserves its properties, protects it from contamination, facilitates its transportation and brings information to the consumer about the product.

The luxury packages have individual solutions at the customer's request - unique design, way of folding, different way of opening and closing, with or without handles, semi-open, with lid, full color printing and others.

Such packaging is produced for the food industry, pharmacy and cosmetics, for various household goods and others.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging is usually small packaging with full color printing, different way of closing and presenting the product.

Packaging for household goods has a different way of opening, with a seal and special openings for product presentation. They provide the necessary strength to preserve the product and present it to the customer in an optimal way. The type of corrugated cardboard depends on the dimensions of the product. For the smaller ones it is appropriate to use thinner corrugated cardboard - E wool, for the largest - boilers, refrigerators and more. - five-layer corrugated cardboard B + C wool.

Packaging for the furniture industry is most often large in size with a high load capacity. They are made mainly of brown corrugated cardboard, three-layer or five-layer. When the product allows, they may be partially open.

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