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We print 2 types of textile labels, Taffeta and Satin.

Both materials are widely used and suitable for textile labels.

Taffeta textile labels are printed on white taffeta with 1 or more colors.

Satin textile labels are printed on Black and White satin, a non-destructive material suitable for luxury textile labels.

In the textile industry, according to current standards, precise marking of textiles is required
products, providing product and production details. Labels must contain information containing
instructions for washing and use, fabric composition, size, etc.
All the necessary information is printed on the textile labels, using a thermal transfer printer,
connected to a personal computer.
This technology provides high print quality and resistance to washing and ironing. It also allows
printing of single pieces.
Taffeta - High quality polyester taffeta with double sided coating, allowing quality printing with
thermal transfer printer on both sides.
Satin - polyester material suitable for marking textiles, luxury clothing and lingerie.
Textile materials are delivered in rolls of different widths, depending on needs.
Textile ribbons are made of taffeta, satin, polyester, and are used to create a label sewn into the product.
Thermal tape is used to transfer text and images from the printer. At the heart of such a printer prints -
the ink tape containing paint resistant to aggressive media and detergents. The printer can be equipped with
special knife to cut the printed label on the roll of textile tape. Mainly used for printing on
textiles, and a special cutter, it is necessary to separate the printed label from the roll. The length of the same label can
to be almost unlimited. Thermal transfer printing method has many advantages over alternatives
approaches. And most importantly among them - durability. The information used in this method is less susceptible to harmful
environmental impact and can be maintained for a long time without losing its original shape, even if
exposed to sun and water, which is especially important for textile labels.
Printing of textile tape, with one or two layers. The difference between them lies in the fact that the two-layer tape
allows printing on both sides.In order to emphasize the style of the product with the help of colored textiles
tape. The optimally chosen color can be a corporate style. Thus, the label cannot be just a carrier
of information, but also advertising the manufacturer.
The label must contain the size of the product and how to take care of the fabric (cleaning, washing, ironing, etc.).
The length of the label can be almost unlimited, and the width is equal to the width of the original size of the
textile tape roll.
taffeta - woven polymer material. There is a special treatment that makes it smooth on both sides.
Main functions of taffeta:
Stable canvas
strong, inexpensive, withstands multiple washes, the edges do not bloom when cold cut
withstands temperatures up to 90 ° C, Satin - fabric made of polymeric material. Only on one side there is a smooth surface and
is suitable for printing. Recommended for things that have direct contact with the skin.
Main functions of satin:
+ suitable for printing on one side
+ shiny ideal for things that come in contact with the skin

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