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This type of label is a special label. An adhesive layer is applied on the metallized foil, which allows high durability of the label. We print such labels for companies dealing mainly with electronics.

This label can be wet with water or various fats without any change in its characteristics. Mainly metallized labels are used by equipment manufacturers. The labels we offer are original 3M labels in various forms.

Silver rectangular self-adhesive labels with rounded corners on a roll of polyester foil (PET) for printing with thermal transfer tape.
Print your labels in the office, warehouse, shop, on the site with our consumables!
Thermal transfer labels are designed for long-term applications with high print quality!
Thermal transfer tape is required for thermal transfer printing!

Thermal transfer labels
Material: 3M PET (Polyester)
Size: 45mm x 59mm
Color: Matte silver
Number of labels per line: 1
Spool: Ø40mm
Number of labels in the package: 750
Outer diameter of the roller: 110mm
For large quantities we offer big discounts!

Application: suitable for warning labels, information labels, company labels, security labels ("ATTENTION", etc.), inventory labels (company logo, barcodes with sequential numbering), information boards for machines and devices, barcode labels and plates, identification , labeling and accrual of fixed assets, for instructions, labels for services and durable goods, plates for durable goods, "substitute" for stamped metal riveting plates of aluminum, systematization of information, etc.

Polyester labels are made of extremely strong silver polyester material, with high wear resistance, suitable for thermal transfer and flexographic printing. The images printed on the polyester labels are characterized by high contrast and quality. Due to their hardness, polyester labels are not suitable for gluing on curved and uneven surfaces. They are also characterized by high wear resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to chemicals, high temperatures, scratching and smearing. Polyester labels are printed with wax rubber (WAX / RESIN) and rubber bands (RESIN) at speeds up to 240 mm / sec and resolution 8-12 dots / mm.


suitable for warning labels
information labels
company labels
security labels ("ATTENTION", etc.)
inventory labels (company logo, barcodes with sequential numbering)
Information boards for machines and devices
barcode labels and plates
identification, labeling and accounting of fixed assets
for instructions
labels for services and durable goods
signs for durable goods
"replacement" of stamped metal riveting aluminum plates

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