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Textile ribbons
The textile thermal transfer ribbon is a special rubber ribbon for printing on textile labels. The printed image is resistant to washing with water, dry cleaning, enzymatic washing, as well as washing with stones and dyeing. The tape guarantees very good resistance to ironing at temperatures up to 150 ° C. It is designed for both flat head printers and near edge printers. The unique back cover provides better contact with the thermal head, for higher print quality and head protection. The main colors in which the textile thermal transfer tapes are offered are black, white, blue, green and red. We also offer gold and silver thermal transfer ribbons, which are suitable for printing on satin materials, but the image of the image is not very resistant to washing and ironing, like other colors. These tapes are also suitable for printing on labels made of foil materials.
Textile thermal transfer tapes are used for printing on textile self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive labels, such as taffeta (nylon and polyester), satin and other types of materials used in the textile industry.

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