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Wax-rubber strips

Wax-rubber strips
Wax-rubber thermal transfer ribbons are suitable for printing at high speeds, and the printed image has exceptional resistance to smudging and scratching. The mechanical stability of the printed image is much better than the wax and it is possible to print barcodes rotated 90o relative to the direction of printing. Wax-rubber thermal tapes are intended for use with less absorbent materials, such as glossy papers and foils (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, etc.), but they can also be used with uncoated papers, especially when very good resistance to smearing and scratching. Wax rubber thermal transfer tapes can be used by flat-head printers as well as by printers with heads with side-or-corner elements (near-edge, corner-edge).
Wax-rubber thermal tapes are used in the food industry, textile industry, retail, transport and logistics, electronics, electrical engineering and others.

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