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Mini Handheld Printer - Print Type

Mini Handheld Printer - Print Type

Mini handheld printer

Printing materials: cardboard, wood, plasterboard, fiber, plastic, ceramics, metal, aluminum foil and other materials. Ink cartridges: black, yellow, red, blue, white, green, invisible

Simple and clear operation
Print APP operation for mobile phone, convenient, flexible and fast to satisfy you quickly adjust the picture. You can download the app from Google play or the Apple Store and edit what you need to print on your phone.

Print on the go - Weighing 195 grams and measuring 110 * 40 * 90 mm, the B10 Mini connects to mobile phones via WIFI (supports both iOS and Android systems) and fits well in your pocket. Super easy to start your journey with printing on the go.
Wide range of applications - You can print text, number, date and time, QR code, barcode, logo, picture directly on objects, whether the surfaces are flat or curved. Very suitable for personalized printing, whether for industrial or personal use.
Low Consumption Ink - Each cartridge contains 42 ml of high capacity ink, prints up to 2,000,000 characters. Using solvent-quick-drying ink, you can print anything on any porous or non-porous surface, including paper, wood, fabric, cardboard box, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic and even stone.
Free layout: Maximum print height is up to 0.5 inches / 12.7 mm. Supports multi-line printing with a combination of adjustable and varied print content. You can even save your print template in the PRTFOX app for quick use.
EASY TO USE APP - Connect via WIFI, your entire operation will be done in the PRTFOX APP. Supports 17 languages, easy to use and free training. The print resolution is 300 DPI with adjustable gray level.

You can connect via WIFI.
industrial handheld printer, very suitable for printing small quantities.

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