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Adjustable Holder Stand Brackets Stainless Steel Support on Assembly Line for BENTSAI Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer

Adjustable Rack Stand Brackets Stainless steel support on the assembly line

❀ To improve production efficiency: After assembly with the bracket, BENTSAI portable handheld mobile inkjet printer The printer can be widely used for varieties of industrial flow production, you can print the production date, contact methods, product information, website address, serial number barcodes, etc., it makes your production more efficient.
❀ Compatibility: supports portable hand-held mobile printer to achieve automatic printing function for conveyor assembly production.
❀ Materials: The main body material of the bracket is made of strong high quality stainless steel to ensure the safety and security of your inkjet printer setup.
❀ Easy Installation: Mounting the bracket is a simple process with removable steel tubes and plates. We provide all necessary tools and hardware for installation. For details, please follow the assembly instructions included in the package.
❀ Suitable for: The clamp is suitable for various industrial operations on the production line with the BENTSAI handheld printer for the printing work, such as text, numbers, symbols, QR codes, barcodes, photos, time, date, DIY logos, labels, all kinds printed work is available for printing.

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