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CONVEYOR BELT 160 cm - BGN 1200. per linear meter


Conveying belt

BGN 1200 per linear meter.

Minimum length of the conveyor 160 cm.
Inkjet printer conveyor belt is an auxiliary device for the transportation of inkjet printers, it has a compact design, small size, easy to move, it is mainly used to transport glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal, plastic bags, paper bags, cartons, labels and etc., convenient for inkjet printer or laser machine for inkjet coding, printing production date, batch number, anti-counterfeit marks, patterns, etc. .


Intelligent adjustment of conveying Built-in continuous movable transmission, convenient operation, can adjust the belt conveying speed according to its actual demand, improve work efficiency.
Inkjet printer supporting equipment This conveyor is the necessary auxiliary equipment in your production line, match with the inkjet printer to achieve printing online.
Conveyor belt Use superior quality pvc belt, durable and anti-abrasive, with strong bearing capacity.
Simplified structure Cost-effective, low energy consumption and maintenance-free.
High-quality super-powerful electric motor The conveyor has a super-powerful electric motor, it has powerful transport capacity, stable and reliable operation stability and long service life.
Stable Pedestal The base of the rack is made of high-quality rubber, which ensures that the machine does not shake during the work process.

Technical data:

Model Conveyor belt
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1500*250*750mm
Frame material Stainless steel
Belt material PVC PU rubber
Power 220V, 90w
Transport speed 0~30m/min (uniform speed)
Belt thickness 2 mm
Belt width 200 mm
Base height ±20mm (adjustable)
Application Packaging industry
Warranty One year

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